'I explore and dissect the function of ‘feminine protagonists’ through the lineage of painting and popular culture. I draw imagery from a mental archive of archetypes which materialise from personal experience, art history and popular culture. This allows the constructed to become confused with ‘reality’.

The idea of a collective mental archive of female ‘types’ which creates shared subjectivities interests me in the way in which  viewers may draw from this to construct characters from representations. This pleasurable process of imaginative engagement is something I’ve been investigating in relation to Kendal Walton’s concept of ‘imaginative projection’. Walton describes our interaction with represented figures as comparative to utilizing props, like a child would a doll. I construct these feminine protagonists with this theorized process in mind as the figures become potential visual ques or dolls for the viewers ‘reality’.

I follow a process of consecutive re-appropriation and distancing from an image which allows these archetypes and images of friends and family etc to be re constructed more objectively. I aim to create boisterous protagonists which directly address the viewer and space in which they are hung, parodying low brow girlish aesthetics and the concept of ‘teenage girl hysteria’. I am interested in humorously exploiting the decorative function of images of women in domestic and unusual spaces from children’s printed canvasses of a princess to a painting of the Madonna.'