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Oh hey, hello, hiiiiiii, you alright?


Mind grabbing me a coffee, ooooh go on… go on u saucy devil theyre a lot better than ours haha,, want me some of that fancy stuff! I like it in here.


Grab is a biscuit too..I think Ill stay actually you know what I think Il stay for ever and ever. Actually wait forget the biscuit I forgot..haha You don’t mind no? you know .. if I hang about for a bit? ooh go on I know yous love me! Ill not be a pick of bother. Ill keep an eye on things for you but Ill stay really really quiet. Wont say a thing. Promise… Im the perfect decoration. It was gloomy and stuffy in here before me. Im expensive too.

But worth it baby…


Yeh so don’t worry about me you wont even know im here. promise just let me join in I want to stay and listen. hear all the gossip. Youre all so smart.. but im sneaky..






no ..




I meant smart ..not sneaky you just think Im sneaky because Im quiet.


Nooo, Im only in year 9.. you cant be sneaky in year 9, maybe year 10 but Im only 14! You can be smart in Year 9.. What is smart though? Whats ‘grotesque’ even? You can listen and that’s all Ill do while Im here.


I’m a cracking bit of décor.



                                   I think I’m going to be a professor.

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Photo's from the Private View

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